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Pediatric Eye Exam

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Jacksonville, FL

Pediatric Eye Exam

Our friendly, experienced eye doctors in Jacksonville provide personalized eye care for children of all ages, including infants and toddlers. Good vision is crucial for your child’s overall growth and development. Children’s eyes develop rapidly, and vision changes can happen without anyone noticing. Regular pediatric eye exams help our eye doctor detect, monitor, and correct vision problems that may impact your child’s ability to learn and succeed.

When should your child see an eye doctor?

The American Optometric Association recommends that children get their first eye exam at around six months old. Even though babies’ eyes are still developing, it is important to catch vision problems like lazy eye or crossed eyes early on. Detecting eye problems early can help prevent any developmental delays. As kids get older, they should get eye exams again at three and before they enter kindergarten. Once in school, children should see an eye doctor every year or two, depending on whether they need vision correction.

Why are eye exams important for children?

Children rely heavily on vision for learning and development. Studies show that up to 80% of learning is visual. Poor vision can lead to difficulties in reading, writing, and overall performance in school. Vision problems can also cause headaches, eye strain, or fatigue, which may affect their overall wellbeing. An eye doctor can detect any issues and start treatment early when it’s most effective. 

What to expect during a pediatric eye exam

During the exam, our eye doctor will perform a series of tests based on your child’s age. Exams generally include taking a case history, testing their vision, determining whether glasses are needed, checking eye alignment, evaluating eye health, and prescribing eyeglasses if necessary. Our eye doctor also provides myopia management services to help slow down or stop the progression of this condition.

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By scheduling regular eye exams for your little one, you’re setting them up for success in school and life. Contact us today in Jacksonville to book your child’s eye exam and keep their eyes in great shape!