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Adult Eye Exam

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Jacksonville, FL

Adult Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are essential for staying healthy and protecting your eyesight, even if you think your vision is fine! Our friendly, experienced eye doctors in Jacksonville, Florida examine adults of all ages and can detect and treat a wide range of conditions during an eye exam.

What do eye exams include?  

During your eye exam, our optometrist will perform a series of tests to assess both your eye health and vision. Here’s what you can expect:  

Medical history

Our eye doctor will ask you about your medical and vision care history and if you have any current concerns related to your vision.  

Vision assessment

We will check your visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of your vision) to see if you need contact lenses or glasses and provide a prescription if necessary. 

Eye health evaluation

We will examine your eyes for signs of potential eye diseases that may not have any symptoms early on. 

Overall health review

We will look for early indicators of other health conditions like diabetes that can damage your eyes in the early stages.

Personalized treatment plans

Our eye doctor will discuss the test results with you and develop a customized treatment plan for any issues we discover during your exam.

Specialized care

If needed, we will refer you to a specialist for further evaluation or treatment. 

Why are eye exams important?

Regular eye exams are about more than updating your prescription—they also play a crucial role in preventative healthcare. Early detection of eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

Your eyes can also be a window into your overall eye health. Our eye doctor can detect early signs of diabetes and other medical conditions, often before you have symptoms.

How often should you get an eye exam?

For adults, we recommend an eye exam every one to two years, even if you don’t currently wear glasses or contact lenses. If you have a history of eye disease in your family, or if you have a chronic disease like diabetes, you may need more frequent exams. 

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Our team of eye care professionals is here to help you protect your vision and see clearly for years to come. Keep your eyes healthy by contacting our office in Jacksonville to schedule your eye exam.